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​Mobile Notary Services

A mobile notary public is an official who is willing to travel in order to witness signatures, and make sure it is done legally and with both parties able to consent. In some cases, a copy of the document will be retained for future reference by the client, the notary, or any legal official that needs to check the legality of the document for any reason.

If you want to get your documents confirmed, or trust documents signed and finished, you can get a 24 hour mobile notary to act as a legal and reliable witness. These mobile services are also essential for business owners who are signing contracts with clients or partners. Debbie's 24 Hour Mobile Notary will come to you to be your wills notary or business notary for your convenience.

Those who need mobile notary services in the El Dorado Hills, CA area, can get them by contacting us at Debbie's 24 Hour Mobile Notary for a professional notary service.